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THENEWBLACK.agency is a innovation and transformation consultancy agency, based in Antwerp (Belgium). We help companies cross-industry to discover and implement change through a process of lean innovation and design thinking. We are great at speeding up innovation through hackathons, helping teams to develop innovative ideas your customers really want. 

We are creative process managers that help you to discover and implement innovative ideas faster, cheaper and with a lot more fun!

The agency was founded in 2018 by Dieter Eerens & Bert van Driessche, after many years of managing innovative digital marketing projects. Their lean approach and cultural thinking was appreciated by many and led to the foundation of THENEWBLACK.agency. That same energetic mentality of fun and failure is what makes us win today and tomorrow.

What’s in a name…
The name of our agency is derived from the well-known fashion saying that states every year a new go-to fashion color is installed. Where as black once was the base color, you never know what’s it going to be next year, or the years to come… #stayclassy

The only sane response to change is to find the opportunity in it.

Dieter Eerens

Dieter Eerens

Founder & Bossman

Bert van Driessche

Bert van Driessche

Founder & Bossman too

THENEWBLACK.agency is a Innovation & Transformation consultancy agency that helps organisations innovate faster and hands-on.



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