Telenet and VRT are both key players in the Belgian media landscape, sharing the same values on collaboration and innovation. After an extended creative ideation session, one idea grab a lot of attention: What new and immersive experience of ‘modern radio’ could be developed on Telenet’s new TV platform. What better brand to build this experience for than Belgium’s #1 radio station: Studio Brussel.

During a 48 hours hackathon, 2 teams of skilled and motivated developers took on the challenges to build a prototype of what this new Radio-on-TV experience could look like. Guided by Telenet & StuBru business managers and a platform support team, they knocked out prototypes that surpassed anyone’s expectations. And they had fun along the way.

Coming to a Telenet TV near you very soon! 😉 





  • Customer: Telenet
  • Sector: Telecom & Media
  • Location: Antwerp, Belgium
  • Year: 2018
  • Department: Product Entertainment is a Innovation & Transformation consultancy agency that helps organisations innovate faster and hands-on.


Jan van Rijswijcklaan 92

2018 Antwerpen


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